Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Challanging Dreams - Michael Wesch on Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching

Michael Wesch's introduction is about his time working on a national science grant in Guinea.

Harvesting Spiders and Snakes. Now Snake innards as a menu item - looks interesting??

Need a sleeping bag to avoid the bugs, but this is the equator so way to hot. So sleeping bag is off and bugs about.

The challenge was no one could read or speak his language, nor could he speak theirs. So his identify was challenged. His pride at national science meant nothing here. His identity had been media mediated. But building identity without media was a huge challenge. Who are we without the trappings of recognition.

So to the thesis of the piece is that we shape new media, but it then shapes us. And using his famous Video he comments on the student changing experience.

The juxtaposition of students looking bored in lectures and being eager in American Idol auditions. They are the same people, so what is the difference?

A look at 'Whatever' and its changing meaning in American Culture.

Charles Taylor argues that the need for authenticity can lead to:
  1. Self centred modes of self-fulfillment
  2. Negation of all horizons of significance
So how does this work in the new media rich age. Nature of identify in this environment. See his video on you tube.

The video he highlights is 'It is not you I'm talking to not this (the webcam)' this is true of Facebook, Twitter and blogs. So who do I think my audience is now as I write this. The future me, or even you dear reader??

Key concept - from being knowledgeable to being knowledge-able making not only knowing knowledge but creating new knowledge. Are we enabling our students to engage with knowledge not now, but for ever?

"Power corrupts, Powerpoint corrupts absolutely." Tufte

Students good at entertaining themselves on line, but not yet good at interacting with the world to enhance their learning experience.

Our challenge to reach our of the lecture theatre and into the world outside.

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Blogging from ALT

Well, this blog really doesn't get the use it should. One year since my last post, here I am again at ALT-C blogging about this year's conference a year since I last did this.

Having been editor of the proceedings this year I've been more closely involved in planning for the conference than in previous years. So let's hope it goes well.

Now a welcome from Cathy the President of ALT to introduce the day.