Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A good day's thinking

It has been a good day. Though I've spent every minute that I have not been in meetings somewhere in the Blogosphere it has been useful.

The debate on Learning Zone about folksonomies has been fascinating so far, and I look to it going further.

In addition Norah's topic has also raised issues that are only just vaguely on my agenda.

The development of new approaches is fascinating, what will be more interesting to me, is where the balance between technology, students and knowledge creation really ends up.

Finally all those years of Knowledge Management from a Business perspective makes sense as it is reapplied in the learning perspective.

Folksonomies - Making Meaning

Following up on my post from yesterday I began looking this morning at other forms of knowledge sharing online. I love the idea of Daniel Terdiman that the web can be used for creating new taxonomies or as he calls them folksonomies (which I assume means groups of folks creating a taxonomy) through the various tools for sharing.

My experience in the past has been of
content management - the idea that content chaos is a better mode of learning appeals to my personal experience of learning.

I wonder what others think. Why not comment below so we can take this further,



Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Social Communities in Learning

Maybe I've not cracked the ideas of blogs, but somehow my personal thoughts seem inappropriate for the Uni Learning Zone blog which still has the feel of an organisational publication.

So maybe I need to develop my initial thoughts on Social Communities in Learning further?

certainly my initial thoughts were a random reflection of what I've heard so far. I've set up this area to see how it changes my learning style.

As a non-techi I'm always looking for approaches to technology supported learning which are focused on the learning not the technology, but I realise this is biased by my own previous experience of learning (e.g. Typing is easy to me, so this is an accessible medium, but it is not for others).

So can this blog become part of the practice of social community for my learning, or will it remain far more like a file on my PC??

Croeso - Welcome

So the world is all blogging. Time for me to start.

Having begun using our Learning Zone blog at The University of Glamorgan I thought it was time to create a private one for the rambling thoughts that I wouldn't want to share on a University site.

So in my worst Welsh I've called it Meddyliau gan Haydn. Which I hope means Thoughts of Haydn. But I need to check the grammar.

So having started I'll return to this spot to reflect on life, education, blended learning and knowledge management, as well as any general life views.

So welcome (or Croeso as we say in Wales) to my blog. I look forward to sharing it with the world.