Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Connectivism and Learning

Having identified the useful work of George Siemens from a couple of talks at Educa I decided to discover more about his work.

The links between it and the material found within the KM literature by people like Dave Snowdon is really useful. It seems that my own interest in KM has a direct link to the way the learning literature is developing - really useful in my new job.

Siemans' work on Connectivity and Web 2.0 challenges some of the preconceptions about the way people learn and a call to develop an end user designer of learning and other processes online. This is well outlined in his Articulate presentation.

A key point he makes is that these tools are already there - Blogs, wikis, aggregators etc. The barrier is our ability to conceptualise approaches which allow these to be forms of learning. This needs a complete refocusing from learning as managed by teachers, to learning as managed by learners. As someone involved in adult education this is appealing but very challenging. It is a new view of Personal Knowledge Management.

Thus we need to move from Content Management Systems approaches to delivering content to learners, to opening up the range of sources to the learners so the have connections to constantly update their knowledge not merely wait until they come to their next course.

This is at the heart of lifelong learning, because this becomes a way of being not just a way of learning.

I need to think much more about this, but welcome anyone who is also thinking in this area to share their ideas.


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