Thursday, December 01, 2005


Well here I am in Berlin. Listening to a talk about why National E-Learning unadvised.

An example of failure in the UKeU was given by Paul Bacsish then examples were given from Switzerland, Estonia and Sweden in each case the model developed is quite different. Some strongly working in collaborations between HEIs (Estonia), others focusing on being portals for content from a variety of institutions (Switzerland).

My big question is the one of sustainable - what happens after the project funding runs out?

It seems that the models like UKeU which focused on marketing other peoples course work less well than those models focusing on being a portal with a clear national agenda of providing more accessible learning what ever the source.

An interesting thought, the issues post ECW are reflected again in these contexts.

This needs more thought before we have effective models of learning which allow for the best of collaboration without the fear of traditionally shaped organisations??


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