Saturday, June 17, 2006

To outsource or insource social software??

It always seems strange to me that the week that is one of the busiest is also one of those which feels best. Being tired but energising at the same time.

I've talked about the key themes in the work blog - see it here, but I also have a lot of personal reflection, so here I am after a gap of half a year contributing to my blog again.

Monday's event in Newport was a good chance to gage what some of our local institutions are doing in this area. Some examples of good practice in the institution. Michael Webb is doing some useful work in embedding social software into the institution. If I was charecterising this I'd say this was a technology driven model, with the new technology being embedded and then the practitioners being engaged, whereas we at Glamorgan are attempting to have a pedagogic driven model, engaging the practitioners first and then letting the technology catch up. Michael's recent presentation to the Institutional Web Management Workshop 2006 for example takes a strategic view that we have started to engage with, but not develop in great detail.

The conference Wiki is a good source for related Learning 2.0 material.

I suspect now is the time to link these ideas to what is going on at Glamorgan. Something to build into next week :-)


Blogger Michael Webb said...

Hi Haydn,

maybe it's not a case of having a pedagogic driven model vs a technology driven model but both sides working together? Otherwise how will the technology ever catch up? (and how will the technology ever be useful?)

What I was attempting to propose was a model whereby IT are ready and able to support pedagogic needs in a timely fashion, but also not be afraid to lead and provide tools if they were going to contribute to the overall student experience,


Friday, June 23, 2006 1:17:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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