Monday, August 07, 2006

Love the title - 15 years of the WWW

I've had the chance to catch up with my blog reading after a crazily busy two weeks and came across a piece from my old friend Dave Snowdon. As I have no children I wasn't sure that the topic was relevant as it was titled Would you trust a teenager with your economic future? however a brief read made it clear the 'teenager' being referred to was the WWW which has just reached the age of 15! (I reckon Dave wins the prize for the best title of a blog entry for this!!)Yes August 1991 was when the web was born - see Fifteen years of the web.

As someone who has been using the WWW since 1993 I had quite realised how much of an innovator I was being in those early days. Certainly by 1995 it had become a normal part of both my working and business life. Now it dominates my life as I work to encourage others to engage in the use of the WWW and other technologies in enhancing their learning and teaching.

So only 15 years, no wonder that we are only just developing pedagogies and andragogies that work in this environment. No wonder either that the andragogy/pedagogy debate needs to be refocused at a time when we move form structured forms of learning planning towards social software enabling learners to plan and manage their own learning.

Well we have it right in 115 years time? At least for me I hope I've stopped worrying about it by the web's 30th birthday :-)


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