Saturday, September 01, 2007

ALT-C 2007

This is the weekend before I head off to ALT-C (the conference of the Association of Learning Technologists) . While in my career in HE I've been to many conferences they have been primarily academic conferences in my subject discipline. What is partially exciting, and partially scary about ALT-C is that it is a wider audience than the mix of academics, though there are plenty of us around, it also includes people who are more closely involved in supporting learning, as learning technologists, systems designers and other technical disciplines. Therefore I'm expecting the flavour of the conference to be different from others I've attnded.

Certainly a look through the links in the online timetable shows examples of papers that would fit in any academic conference, it also shows displays and demonstrations which are very hands on.

So as an ALT-C newbie I'm looking forward to seeing how this balance of backgrounds and contributions works together to deliver a overarching theme for the conference.



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