Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Theme Speakers - Introducing themes

Tim Rudd - Theme speaker for Designing learning spaces

Creating a challenge - vision is about starting with what we intend to achieve and then devise relevant spaces, there will be different. If we ask learners they may brush up the school but reflect their experience of school. Ford's quote about customers would ask for faster horses sets the scene. Tim believes we need to be more challenging in re-visioning space.

Frank Rennie - Theme speaker for Large scale implementation

A wide topic, lots of vision, lots of trials, lots of good experience which will be of interest to many. How do we move from small-scale to large-scale delivery.

Frank identifies challenges - costs, staff development, student perceptions, working across institutions - all of which will be addressed in the sessions.

Hans-Peter Baumeister - Theme speaker for Learning and internationalism

Cultural context of learning is crucial. Hans-Peter gives some examples and looks at the nature of knowledge and how it is shared within and across cultures. The emigration of the best students (something the keynote addressed) is also a key problem for many countries.

New technologies can be disruptive, they allow for more advanced learning imperialism and western business model. SO multi-cultural itself can be a western module which links with other awareness - "Bend it like Beckham"

Marion Miller - Theme speaker for Learning technology for the social network generation

Web 2.0 wider range of use but a change of control. Are our learners ready for learning in this environment, or do they want to keep social and learning separate.

In this theme learner control and user generated content becomes a key element in learning. But what about learners who do not wish to have control. As networking become dominant (MySpace Facebook) we ask why are they so successful and would students use them for learning. But not only would they but should they.

Moving beyond enthusiasts to the ordinary user. But how much will we go beyond control, how much control are we willing to give to learners.

All of them are interesting, I think though I'm going to dip between them. Partly because I'm chairing a number of different themes and partly because at Glamorgan all of these issues are of relevance.



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