Saturday, September 01, 2007

ALT-C 2007 - Others blogging the event

I mentioned in a previous post that I'm going to ALT-C. To get myself into the mindset I've been looking around at some of the things others have been saying about it over the last few weeks.

This is easy to do as Seb Schmoller the Chief Executive of ALT, has set up a shared RSS Feed for those planning to blog from the conference. The Seb's own feed shows his thoughts have moved beyond 2007 already and is now focusing on ALT-C 2008!

Kathy Trinder has gone the whole way and created her own conference blog called Blogging ALT-C she promises that she might be using her Palm to blog, but as a PC in case the Palm proves to small to type effectively on.

Steve Wheeler has been planning even further ahead than Kathy. As editor of the Research Proceedings for the Conference he was worrying back in July about getting it complete. Though he did spend some time yesterday setting out his expectations of the conference. Even more usefully he created a list of the top 7 conference themes and how often they appear.

Steve wonder about the demise of the Distance Learning topic:

I was also interested to note that there are only 6 papers featuring the term ‘distance learning’ (although several more imply it) – but ..... could this be a sign of the decline of this old term? Has distance education now been overhauled in the glittering world of learning technology?
We at the University of Glamorgan began our e-engagement with distance programmes but have since moved to provide learning technology to support existing learners including on-campus learners (Blended Learning) , maybe others are making that same journey.

I look forward to seeing some of you at the conference.



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