Monday, September 03, 2007

Programme Committee Meeting

So we begin, a useful meeting with the other members of the Programme Committee, updating what our role is as chair's of sessions.

Having chaired other conferences there was nothing new to that. Thankfully we will have 3 minute, 1 minute and Stop cards to be deployed - any presenters reading this YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED :-)

Met up again with Steve Wheeler who as I mentioned in an earlier post is also blogging about the conference.

Also managed to catch up with Frank Rennie and Robin Mason who came down to Glamorgan to interview some of the team for their research earlier in the year.

Frank had some interesting ideas about the use of Wikis to supplement and update a book. He and Robin have just finished a book on Web 2.0 technologies, so using a Wiki to keep it up to date and extend the discussion to the wider community seems a great idea. After a nice chat,a and a pleasant beer, with Frank I met up with Alyson Dacey from Neath Port Talbot College who is presenting with me. Alyson and I chatted over dinner and were later joined by Lis from RSC Wales and Chris for Swansea University.

I didn't realise that there would be so many people I knew. I managed to briefly catch up with Richard Parsons (Dundee), Peter Chatterton (Hertfordshire) and Paul Bacsish (who is chairing our Blended Learning evaluation).

By the end of the first evening ALT-C has provided a real opportunity to network with people both new and old. So far so good, here is to tomorrow.



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